What is an Armrest?

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Chair Armrest
An armrest is a part of the chair that provides support to the user by resting on their arm. The need for an armrest is based on certain ergonomic principles that have been accepted as standard in many workplaces. The first one being that rest should be provided as close as possible to the body to encourage blood circulation which reduces muscle fatigue and strain. The second principle being that there should be a slight incline from the back of the chair to the front so that people can sit more naturally which encourages blood flow up through their spine and down again, reducing pressure on veins and arteries.

Types of Armrests & the Difference in Materials

Aircraft seats are designed to be comfortable for passengers by providing armrests. But the type of armrests and the materials it’s made of can vary. The first set of armrests is the fixed armrest. These are built into the seat and cannot be adjusted, but they do provide a surface for passengers to lean on while they’re seated on an airplane. The second type of armrest is known as the movable armrest. These types of armrests can be adjusted to meet personal preference, even though some airlines may not allow this adjustment during takeoff or landing due to safety considerations. The third kind of armrest is known as retractable; these are also adjustable but can also be stored away when not in use – making them efficient space-savers

5 Amazing Benefits of a New Office Chair Armrest

An office chair with an armrest can make your day at work more comfortable. Armrests are not only useful when you need to rest your arms or take a break, they also offer an extra place to lean on, which is especially important for people who may work in a more stationary position.
  1. Improved posture
  2. More ergonomic design
  3. Less strain on the upper back and neck
  4. Better productivity and happiness levels
  5. Improved quality of life

Conclusion: How to Choose the Best Office Chair Armrest

It is key to have the armrests of a chair covered with a soft material that does not irritate your skin. A suitable material for armrests is leather, as it is soft and will not irritate your skin or cause allergies. There are other materials that you could also consider, such as polyester that will also offer a softer feel. The design of the armrests should be such that they can support all-day sitting without causing discomfort or pain. Check for height to make sure the chair’s armrests don’t come up too high and cause neck pain.   When you want to create the perfect workstation for you and your posture you should pay attention to the small details and the armrest is one of them. do not forget it:)  


Chair Armrest
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