Best office chair for a short person

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Best office chair for a short person

Best office chair for a short person – 

Looking for the perfect chair for a specific height, particularly the shorter ones – could be a challenging task. In order to simplify things, we decided to give you 5 tips and things to consider. Hopefully, those will make your chair-finding journey a bit less challenging 🙂


Best office chair for a short person – Height (Thing To Consider) –

As the recommendation sets a 90-degree angle for your knees, the most important thing to think about is your seat height. While your feet are flat on the ground, see if your knees are at 90 degrees. Unfortunately, not all office chairs will meet these criteria. As most office chairs have a 17-22 inch height range, shorter people will have to look for 14-15 inches. 

Footrest (Tip) –

Even if you could not find the chair that perfectly suits your height, we have a great tool for you: the footrest. The footrest will allow you to put your feet on top of it, making the ground “higher”. By doing so, you could easily achieve the 90-degree knee angle we spoke about in the previous paragraph. 

Seat Depth (Thing To Consider) –

Another important thing to check, is the seat depth. Most of the office chairs will be 16-18 inches deep, and this might be a bit too large for the shorter population. You should have the front of your seat within 2 inches from the back side of your knees.

Desk Height (Thing To Consider) –

The height of your desk is another crucial factor. The recommended typing height should be anywhere about 8 inches above your seat height. While comparing a 30 inches desk to 25 inches one, the difference could be drastic. Using the footrest is an option to solve this matter. In addition, you could look for an adjustable desk that can maneuver or even consider lowering your keyboard in some way. 

Best office chair for a short person – Headrest (Tip) –

Chairs with built-in headrests could be a disaster for a petite person. Most of them will not be suitable for most of us, and therefore, you must physically check them before purchasing. The best way to go is to buy a separate headrest and implement it on your chosen chair, if possible. 


You are now officially ready to start your research of looking for the perfect chair – for your perfect size!


Best office chair for a short person
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