Why Should You (Seriously) Consider an Ergonomic Assessment?

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Ergonomic Assessment

In order to properly answer this question, we will first need to define Ergonomic Assessments, and Ergonomics particularly. 

What are Ergonomics?

The study of people in their own working environment. This study will most likely include and take into consideration the working environment equipment, the worker’s body movements, and rate of work, among other relevant measures. A good example of ergonomics is a study that relates back injuries to people who often sit during their office hours. 

As you have probably figured out, ergonomics practices are crucial and vital for employees’ productivity and protection during work hours. A business that respects itself and its employees – should definitely take ergonomics into consideration.  

Consequences of Bad Ergonomics

There are many problems with bad ergonomics. Some of them relate to the short term and some to the long term. Injuries or pain such as back or neck pain, and headaches – could definitely appear in the near future, in case your ergonomics are poorly being treated. In other cases, bad ergonomics could even cause Diabetes, obesity, posture problems, and even heart conditions or strokes!

What are Ergonomic Assessments?

The Ergonomic assessment must be made by a qualified OHP (Occupational-Health-Professional). The assessment will study an employee at his or her own working desk. The assessment will validate and check the employee’s posture, equipment set-up, and more – all in order to minimize physical dangers (Straining or bad positioning of the body, tasks that repeat more than once along the day, inconvenient postures, etc.) 

Once the Ergonomic Assessment is finalized, the OHP will hand over an official report to the employer. In the report, you could find suggestions and recommendations related to many factors such as equipment placing and positioning, posture and movement along the day, and even temperature!

Remember, by using quality Ergonomic assessments, you could easily prevent injuries and damages in the short and the long future. Surprisingly, it could even help you improve the quality of your employee’s performance, or reduce costs of business operations by creating a better environment in the business working space. 


Ergonomic Assessment


Ergonomics for Improving Performance

You probably realized that when your employee suffers, he or she could not perform as outstanding as you expect them to be performing. There is a direct relationship between productivity and pain – When your worker suffers from pain, he will prevent from doing specific tasks, or will simply wait for the pain (and the day) to end. Less pain or distraction for your employees means more happiness. Improve your employees’ physical conditions and you will be surprised to see how they outperform. 

Ergonomics for Reducing Costs

Obviously, you might think about the increasing, unexpected costs of equipment needed in order to match the Ergonomic assessments. Equipment such as quality office chairs, for example, could be pricy indeed. But, you must take into consideration the effects on your staff; they will be more productive, and this is undoubtedly reducing costs for your business. On top of this, think about compensations that could be related to your employees in case something happens. Good ergonomic practices will also reduce costs for your business while allowing less “lost working time” in the near future. 

If all of the following were not enough to make you realize the benefits of Ergonomics Assessments, you might think about the following as well: Better Ergonomics will improve your employees’ engagement. They will notice and appreciate it, and they will feel more comfortable during their working hours and with each other. If your staff appreciates you – it is more likely to stay with you for the longer term. It will also add to your company culture. When your employees will be happily healthier, they will become your greatest asset. You want everyone to know that you are taking care of your employees and that their mental and physical condition is important to you.

Keep your employees safe

Ergonomics will assure that you will suffer fewer employee injuries in your business (Or not at all). In order to match the Ergonomic assessment to your business, it must be done professionally and adapt to your business working environment, particularly. The working environment in a farm or a factory is not the same as in a call center or an office. In all cases, though, the risks are over the corner. A smart manager, businessman, or entrepreneur will provide his or her company employees with the most comfortable and appropriate working environment – for better employees – and for better business. 


Ergonomic Assessment
Author - Jeff Dolak
Author - Jeff Dolak

Hi, my name is Jeff and I'm the founder and editor-in-chief of Chairs Advisor. As someone who understands the importance of ergonomic seating for optimal health and comfort, I created this website to provide informative articles and resources on the topic of ergonomics and its applications in furniture design.

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